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Is Your Car Stealing Your Lunch Money?

Try these Gas Pump Smackdowns

With gas prices hovering around $4/gallon for regular gas again, what can you do to keep from being bullied at the pump by your car?

Plenty! Try these no-cost and low-cost smackdowns from Mr. Tire. You’ll save green and you’ll go green, too.

Smackdown #1 – Check your tires. Get up to 3% better gas mileage by keeping your tires inflated to the correct air pressure. Use an accurate pressure gauge. Don’t fill your tires by eye. Or, stop by our shop where you live or work. We’ll be happy to top off your tires. Not only do you save money on gas, you save money on tires because your treads wear longer. Estimated gasoline savings @ $4 per gallon - $0.12/gallon.

Smackdown #2 – Use the recommended grade of oil. Regular oil changes will maximize your vehicle’s performance, protect your engine and improve your gas mileage by up to 2%. Using the wrong grade of oil, 10W-30 instead of 5W-30, for example, cancels out that savings. Ask us to recommend a lubricant for your vehicle. Our Oil Change Plus service includes 5 quarts of Valvoline® oil, new oil filter, tire rotation, brake inspection, tire pressure check and chassis lube. Est. savings - $0.08/gallon.

Smackdown #3 – Keep your engine in tune. If you notice a drop off in your mpg, a loss of power, or if your vehicle stalls, knocks, or runs rough, it could be time for a professional tune-up. Definitely, have an evaluation if your check engine light comes on or the vehicle fails your state emissions test. A properly tuned engine improves gas mileage an average of 4%. Save on Tune-up/Engine Service with our coupon. Est. savings - $0.15/gallon.

Smackdown #4 – Lighten the load. Are you driving around with a set of golf clubs in the trunk? Bocce balls? Books for the library sale? Tools “just in case”? Reduce unnecessary cargo weight and improve your fuel economy by 1 percent or more. Est. savings - $0.04/gallon.

Smackdown #5 – Slow down. Driving 55 versus 70 miles per hour reduces your gas consumption by a whopping 25%. Est. savings - $1.00/gallon.

Smackdown #6 – Steady as you go. Gradual accelerations and decelerations, constant highway speed, and sensible braking save you an additional 10% on gas. Cruise control helps on the expressways. Est. savings - $0.40/gallon.

Smackdown #7 – Get an alignment. Your wheels are like four draft horses. You want them pulling in the same direction. The next time you change or rotate your tires, have the alignment checked. Save on a wheel alignment with our coupon. Est. savings - $0.02/gallon.

Smackdown #8 – Idleness is the Devil’s playground. Stop excessive idling and you can save up to 20% on your gas consumption. For argument’s sake, we’ll say 5%. Est. savings - $0.02/gallon.

Smackdown #9 – Turn off the air. Air conditioning reduces your fuel economy by as much as 20%. Worse, is idling while your air condition is running. Unfortunately, driving at 55 mph with the windows down cancels half of the gain. Est. savings - $0.40/gallon.

Smackdown #10 – Walk. If you live a few blocks from work, school or leisure activities, why drive at all? The exercise is good for you and your family.

Congratulations! You just drove down the price of gas $0.81 cents—$1.12 when you drive without air conditioning on a warm day, and an impressive $1.82 when your drive 55 instead of 70 mph on the expressway. If you drive 20,000 miles per year and your car gets 25 miles per gallon, that’s an annual savings of at least $650.

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