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Don’t Let Car Problems Spoil Your Summer Fun.

Keep Your Vehicle in Shape with these Seasonal Tips.

Summer is the time for pleasure drives, vacation travel and trips to and from all of the warm weather activities that you enjoy. Not for sitting by the side of the road talking on your cell phone to a tow truck operator. Here are some seasonal tips to keep your car on the road to summer fun.

Preventative Maintenance

Most drivers rack up the miles during summer. So, it’s important to keep on schedule with scheduled maintenance. Request an appointment for a summer servicing at Mr. Tire and we’ll check your car, truck, SUV or van from bumper to bumper, including:


Summer heat, dusty conditions, frequent short trips and towing are hard on engine oil. We recommend regular oil changes to protect your vehicle. In some case, your manufacturer might direct you to change your oil more often because of the special operating conditions. Or, ask us for a free scheduled maintenance printout. Our Oil Change +Plus service includes oil and filter, FREE tire rotation and tire pressure check, FREE brake inspection and more.

Belts and Hoses

  • We’ll make sure your belts are tight and not worn or cracked and that your cooling system hoses and connections are in good condition.


  • Your cooling system should contain a 50/50 or slightly higher coolant/water concentration to prevent your radiator from boiling over. Throughout the summer, it would be our pleasure to check the level and condition of your coolant any time you’re in the neighborhood. To keep your vehicle running in top condition and to protect your engine, bring it in for a flush and fill according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Ask for a free print out at any Mr. Tire.

Other Automotive Fluids

  • While we’re checking your coolant level, we’ll examine the level and condition of the other essential automotive fluids—brake, transmission, power steering, differential—to protect those important systems and components.


  • Have us check your brakes at the beginning of this busy season, and then every other oil change. Your safety depends on them. We check all of your brake system components—pedal, cylinders, brake lines, calipers, rotors or drums, and disc pads or shoes. With our Brakes Forever® replacement brake program, we replace your brake pads or shoes free. All you pay for is labor.


  • Your tires should also be inspected and rotated every other oil change and the alignment checked. Your vehicle will handle better and tires last longer. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure. This can improve gas mileage up to 3% and, of course, is an important safety practice. Stop by for a courtesy tire inspection and pressure check.


Winshield Wipers


  • New windshield wiper blades will be useless if the fan that keeps your windshield from fogging is not working properly. During summer, leaves, dust etc. can clog the air intake and blower. We can help ensure that this system works properly.


  • We’ll check your headlights and signals to ensure that the other drivers see you on those moonlight drives.

For even more great information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section!