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It’s No Snow Job...Your Car Needs Special Attention in Winter

A dead battery or breakdown is an inconvenience most of the year, but in winter can be life-threatening. Here are a few tips and reminders to keep you from going adrift—a snow drift—this winter.

Preventative Maintenance

Request an appointment online for a winter servicing at Mr. Tire, and we’ll check your vehicle from bumper to bumper, including:


  • The only accurate way to determine the charge on today’s sealed batteries is with a professional meter. Our technician will give you a recommendation based on your battery’s current cold crank rating compared to its capacity when new. If necessary, we’ll clean and tighten your battery connections. This, too, is a job for a pro because an electrical system disruption can cause damage or loss of data and system codes in your car’s on-board computer.

Belts and Hoses

  • We’ll check to make sure the belts are tight and in good condition and that your cooling system is not leaking.


  • Your cooling system should contain a 50/50 or slightly higher coolant/water concentration to prevent your vehicle from freezing or boiling over, even in below zero temperatures. Throughout the winter, we would be happy to check the level and condition of your coolant any time you are in the neighborhood. To keep your vehicle running in top condition and to protect your engine, bring it in for a flush and fill according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Ask for a free print out at any Mr. Tire, Tread Quarters, or Autotire.

Other Automotive Fluids

  • While we’re checking your coolant, we’ll examine the levels and condition of your vehicle’s other essential fluids: brake, transmission, power steering, differential—and, of course, change your oil.


  • On every visit, Mr. Tire, Tread Quarters, or Autotire inspects for leaks in your exhaust system and holes in your vehicle’s floor or trunk. Exhaust fumes can be especially deadly in winter when idling in deep snow.

Windshield wipers

  • Replace old windshield wiper blades—six months is all that you can expect from an average pair—so that you can see during snowstorms. We stock special rubber clad and silicone winter blades that are great at preventing ice build up.


  • New windshield wiper blades will be useless if your climate control system is not in good working condition. If your heater or blower isn’t working like it used to, be sure to tell Mr. Tire, Tread Quarters, or Autotire. You’ll be more comfortable when you drive, too!


  • We’ll inspect all lights and bulbs to ensure the other drivers see you on dark, snowy nights.

For even more great information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section!