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Shopping for New Tires?

Finding the Best Tire for Your Vehicle and Driving Requirements

As you begin your tire research, start by thinking about how you use your car or truck—commuting, family transportation and errands, construction or farm work, off road recreation, pulling a trailer? A combination? What are your driving priorities—crisp handling, a quiet ride, long tread life, price? How important is style?

Then, ask our tire experts to help you narrow down the brands and models that fit your vehicle, preferences, and important factors such as:

  • Speed rating—must match your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • Temperature rating—the ability to withstand heat generated by driving
  • Tread wear rating—a measure of durability and value
  • Load rating—important for vehicles used for towing or hauling

Every tire is a compromise between performance characteristics and price.

Pressed for time? Try the tire search on our home page. You can even order your tires online and make an appointment for installation later at one of our shops. Mr. Tire carries most major brand tires, many in stock, as high quality economy tires.

Do Winter Tires Make a Difference?

In a word, yes! Winter tires are engineered to deliver a better grip in temperatures below 45 degrees F, even on bare pavement, compared with all-season tires. And, of course they have specially designed treads for snow and mud. They significantly shorten the starting and stopping distances on ice and snow. Many of our customers in New England, the mid-Atlantic, and Midwest find that winter tires are well worth the investment, for the extra margin of safety and boost in driving confidence. Winter tires also allow you to purchase a set of summer or touring tires designed for enhanced warm weather performance.

Is It Time to Replace Your Worn Tires?

Stop by the Mr. Tire nearest you for a free tread depth check and tread wear evaluation. In most states, the legal minimum tread depth is 2/32 inch. Studies have shown that 4/32 inch of tread holds the road better in wet conditions. New tires start out with a tread depth of 10 or 11/32 inch. If your tires have not worn evenly, they might still need replacement, even though some sections of tread are legal. Ask our tire experts for a recommendation.

We Have the Right Choice for You at the Right Price—Just Ask!

When you need to buy tires, who do you trust? A tire shop limited to one manufacturer’s offerings? An online retailer that will ship you tires, but not actually install them? A high priced neighborhood tire store?

How about the team you already trust for your automotive needs? Your local Mr. Tire. Not only are we the nation’s largest independently-owned and operated auto service chain, we’re the third largest independent tire dealer. In other words, we know cars AND we know tires.

We make it our mission to help you get a great deal on your next set of tires. And, we deliver with selection, service, and volume pricing. Whether you’re looking for snow tires, all season tires, or you’re not sure and just want the best deal on tires, let Mr. Tire be your guy.

One Easy Price—How It Works for You

Mr. Tire's One Easy Price includes installation. No hidden charges, for example, for mounting and balancing or tire disposal. We also include free lifetime rotations and a free alignment check to help you get the maximum wear from your tires. For your protection, we back every Mr. Tire tire purchase with a 30-day ride and price guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to one month to exchange them for comparable tires. Find a lower price? Just bring in our competitor’s advertisement or written estimate, and we’ll beat that price by 5%—up to one month after the sale.