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Auto Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Even if you never miss an oil change, it’s easy to forget your vehicle’s air conditioner. Keep your car cool, year round, with our auto ac repair service. Don’t wait for the next heat wave!

Stay Cool With Mr. Tire

Your comfort depends on periodic inspection and maintenance of your car’s air conditioning system. Routine inspections and maintenance helps your car’s air conditioning to operate at peak efficiency, preventing overheating and ensuring the comfort of your passengers.
During your visit at Mr. Tire,, our technicians will conduct a range of maintenance and inspection services, based on your vehicle's individual needs:

  • Diagnostics – including electronic “sniffers” and dye tests to locate refrigerant leaks. Request an A/C inspection today for your car or truck
  • Maintenance & Repairs – service the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and electronic controls, as necessary.
  • Recharging – evacuate and recharge the refrigerant specified for your vehicle, according to manufacturer’s specifications and environmental regulations.

Count on the A/C Repair Experts at Mr. Tire

Our technicians have the training and specialized equipment to keep your vehicle A/C operating at peak capacity. To schedule your auto ac repair service or maintenance, request an appointment today or visit a Mr. Tire near you.

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