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The Sun is Out...Time to Get Your Ride Ready for Warm Weather

Spring is officially here and that can mean only one thing…road trip! But first you need to get your car ready for warm weather driving.

Preventative Maintenance

Request an appointment for a spring servicing at Mr. Tire, and we’ll spruce up your vehicle from bumper to bumper:

Oil Change

  • Our #1 recommendation to keep your car running in top condition. If you put off essential maintenance because of the snow and cold, it’s time to request an appointment for an oil change.


  • Winter is hard on disc brakes. Yours might need some adjustments or even replacement before you hit the road.


  • It’s pothole season. To guard against blowouts, make sure your tires are properly inflated and if you drive on rough roads, have the pros at Mr. Tire do an alignment check.

Cooling System

  • We’ll make sure the belts are tight and in good condition and that your cooling system works properly.

Fluid Levels

  • While we inspect the cooling system, we’ll check your coolant and other fluid levels: brake, transmission, power steering, differential, windshield wiper—and, of course, oil.


  • On every visit, Mr. Tire inspects your exhaust system. We look for leaks. We make sure your muffler, exhaust pipes, and catalytic converter are environmentally sound and fuel efficient.

Windshield Wipers

  • April showers bring May flowers, but they also test the effectiveness of your windshield wipers. Replace your wiper blades if they are older than six months, or if you use snow blades.

Air Conditioner

  • The time to service your A/C is before you get stuck in traffic on the first 80-degree day of the year.


  • We’ll inspect all lights and bulbs to ensure the other drivers see you when you’re out for a moonlit drive.

Spring Cleaning

It’s not rocket science. Salt and sand are corrosive and abrasive. Yet, every year thousands of motorists drive “ghost” cars coated with the pale residue of winter past. A good washing can add years to your vehicle. Spring is also the time to vacuum and damp wipe the interior, wash the windows inside and out, and hose off your floor mats. Request an appointment today!

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