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Sensors and emissions system


The days of relatively simple automotive engines are long gone. Today’s vehicles have many electronic and computer-controlled components that work to transmit vital information, improve the driving experience and keep the vehicle running as efficiently as possible. These devices are one of the reasons most drivers need the expertise of professionally trained automotive technicians now and then.

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Computerized engine analysis

An engine analysis is a great way to understand the health of your vehicle. We’ll connect your vehicle control computer to a high-tech diagnostic system that sends commands to the systems in your car’s engines and receives back information about their performance.

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What we service

At each Mr. Tire location, our team can diagnose and repair many problems your vehicle may have with its sensors or emission system. We service all of the following: coolant sensors, electronic control modules, MAP sensors, oxygen sensors, vehicle computers, vehicle speed sensors and more.

Need sensors or emission system repairs? Just make an online appointment or pull up to any Mr. Tire location.
Benefits of computerized engine analysis

Find and diagnose issues before they become severe

Save money and time by avoiding major repairs down the road

Ensure your vehicle is using fuel-efficiently and cost-effectively

Ensure your vehicle is operating within emissions standards

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