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What Does a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Include?

Whether you’re cruising through city streets, exploring country roads, or embarking on epic highway adventures, you depend on your car to reach your destination safely. Making multi-point inspections a regular part of your car’s maintenance is key to preserving its performance and your safety. Considering a multi-point car inspection? Read on to find out what’s included and get a clear idea of what to expect. What to Expect During a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Many mechanics and automotive centers offer their own version of multi-point inspections. Before you go, do some research to find out what exactly is covered to make […]

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Top Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start in the Cold Weather

Winter’s harsh weather can take a toll on your vehicle. As the chill sets in, many car owners will find that their vehicle won’t start. Understand the common causes behind these start-up issues to avoid frustrating mornings and disrupted plans. 5 Reasons Your Car Struggles to Start in the Winter Here are some common reasons your car might struggle when the temperature drops: 1. Battery Efficiency During the hot summer months, car batteries can become strained from the heat. A power-drained, heat-damaged battery is often the culprit when your car won’t start once the winter weather returns. This is because […]

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The holiday season often means hitting the road to gather with family and friends. Sometimes, that means driving through snowy landscapes to reach our loved ones. Before you start your journey, consider these road trip tips to ensure you arrive safely. Winter Car Emergency Kit Essentials Being prepared for unpredictable winter weather is key, especially when you’re on a long road trip. Equip your vehicle with a winter car emergency kit that includes: • Blankets and Warm Clothing: Keep extra layers to ensure warmth in case of breakdowns or long traffic jams. • Flashlight and Batteries: A reliable light source […]

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